Ho Chi Minh Airport

Ho Chi Minh International Airport

Located in Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Tan Son Nhat Airport is a bustling center of transport in Southern Vietnam. You may see it by its other names Ho Chi Minh Airport or Sai Gon Airport (air code: SGN). As the largest airport in Vietnam (preceded by Noi Bai Airport and Danang Airport), there are 6 domestic and 39 international airlines serving flights in Ho Chi Minh Airport.

Some of the busiest routes from here are Hanoi, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Thanh Hoa, Hue, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Singapore, Bangkok, and Seoul. Coming to this airport, you can see the fixed hubs of Bamboo Airways, Vietnam Airlines, and VASCO. Tan Son Nhat Airport is also the focus city for Pacific and Vietjet Air.

Ho Chi Minh (Tan Son Nhat) International Airport

Ho Chi Minh (Tan Son Nhat) International Airport Overview

The passenger volume of Ho Chi Minh International Airport was more than 41 million passengers in 2019 and has recovered swiftly after the pandemic decrease. Travelers often give compliments about this airport for the affordability, proximity of accommodation, staff attitude, and also various services such as shopping, food & beverages.

Ho Chi Minh International Airport has 2 buildings with two separate terminals: Terminal 1 is for domestic flights and the other is for international flights. The Domestic and International Terminals are really close to each other. You only need to take a short walk to arrive or there are buses travel and vice versa.  

The Domestic Terminal (Terminal 1) receives about 13 million passengers per year. With a structure of a 2-level building including 19 boarding gates, the terminal is equipped full infrastructure and has served millions of domestic passengers to various regions in the country. Meanwhile, the International Terminal (Terminal 2) which is opened in 2007, has reached a capacity of 15 million passengers each year.

The building has 3 levels with 12 boarding gates, including the first 2 levels for arrival and the 3rd level for departure.

A quick guide for you when arriving at Ho Chi Minh Airport is that you can go straight to the Transfer Counter and wait in the lounges for your next flight if you are transiting. However, if you need to check out, follow the direction the find way to the Immigration or Landing Visa if haven’t applied for one via e-visa or at the embassy in your country.

For the claim baggage process, the conveyor belt is in the arrival hall and also the customs area if you have any goods to declare. There are Information Counters to ask for any assistance such as car rental, taxi stands, and bus stations.

Following the rapid growth of tourists, Tan Son Nhat Airport has been furnished with modern infrastructure and high-class facilities to provide professional services for passengers. Duty-free shops are undoubtedly a reason to attract visitors to this international airport.

Located at arrival and departure halls in International Terminal, the zone has a great volume of shopping venues such as perfumes, fashion items, and accessories ranging from local brands (Viettien, An Phuoc, or Ninomaxx) to big worldwide brands (D&G, Nike, Bossini, Hermes or Swatch, Panasonic and Samsung.

Besides, Ho Chi Minh Airport also provides you with courts of unique Vietnamese handicrafts of high quality but at a sustainable price. You can buy them as souvenirs to give to friends and families.

Another service that attracts many passengers to come by is dining. You won’t have to worry about a hungry stomach or thirst as the airport serves a broad range of dining choices from coffee shops and fast food restaurants to Vietnam’s cuisine to cater to different tastes.

Various food stalls and courts are in different areas inside the airport, you can easily see the stalls right after you enter the airport and especially in the International Terminal. However, the price is quite high compared to the average so make sure you save some stomach space to enjoy local cuisine on the Ho Chi Minh food tour.

The way to Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City

The way to Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City

Long flights or delayed departures surely make you tired and sleepy, so check out some resting options at Tan Son Nhat Airport. There is a sleep zone in the International Terminal with sleep chairs and paid sleep pods. Each sleep box is 4 square meters and comes equipped with beds, pillows, drinks, towels, lamps, and power outlets, ...

For uninterrupted sleep, some hotels near the airport might be a great choice for the short distance and basic furniture. You can easily get to these accommodations by booking a private car from Vietnam Airport Car.

One of the most high-class services in Ho Chi Minh Airport is business lounges for business class and VIP members of airlines. There are 8 VIP lounges where guests are served top-class services and provided an ideal space for relaxing, working, and getting ready for their flights. In fact, any passengers can have access to the lounges if they buy pay-per-use tickets.

Check out Vietnam Airlines Lotus Lounge, Le Saigonnais Business Lounge (best business lounge in Asia by PAX International magazine 2020) in both terminals and Rose Business Lounge, Orchid Lounge in Terminal 2.

Apart from those services, Tan Son Nhat Airport equipped professional medical and emergency aid in arrival and departure halls in both terminals for 24/24 service, along with ATM, currency exchange, spa & massages, and smoking rooms (departure hall in both terminals),...

Ho Chi Minh City Airport to the city center

It takes about 15-20 minutes to get to the center of the city (District 1) from Ho Chi Minh City Airport (HCMC Airport). The distance is not too far and the city’s transport system is well developed so you enjoy a Ho Chi Minh tour via a bus, a taxi or a private car.

One feature of Tan Son Nhat Airport is the taxis lining up outside the airport. The area is quite crowded but you should not worry because there is police regulation to take control. For this transportation, you should line up to get the regulated taxis instead of waving one off the road.  As the stand is usually busy, being aware of the long waiting and catching a taxi can be difficult sometimes.

Another vehicle that can help you reach the vibrant District 1 is by bus. Local buses run to and from Ho Chi Minh Airport every 30 minutes. This can take you some waiting time and limited space for your luggage, so it is only recommended if you are a solo traveler with compact baggage. If you are willing to spend a little money, a private car is the best option to travel to the city center.

With pre-booking option and a driver to help carry all the luggage, the service also provides total privacy for you to take a short rest before exploring this non-sleep city. Vietnam Airport Car is offering many friendly meet-and-greet services at a competitive cost, check out to pre-book and you won’t have to worry about how to get from the airport to fascinating destinations in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Chi Minh City Airport to the city center

Ho Chi Minh City Airport to the city center

Ho Chi Minh Airport Taxi

From the main entrance of Sai Gon Airport, the taxi stand will be on your furthest left-hand side, ranging from columns 1 to 3. Many taxi companies operate in this area so you will have wide options. However, some of them might charge customers higher than normal during busy hours due to high needs.

The travel time also depends on traffic conditions and routes. Some notes for you is to deal with the price with the driver before getting in the car and avoid the wrong drop-off location. Make sure you keep an eye on the meter and take a picture of the taxi driver’s license.

Ho Chi Minh Airport Taxi

Ho Chi Minh Airport Taxi

Ho Chi Minh Airport Bus

Located in the opposite direction of the taxi stand, the buses will park right in front of the main entrance to the east in the second lane (your right-hand side). There are two operating bus types in Ho Chi Minh Airport: Public bus and Shuttle Bus. With green color, Public bus travel between the airport and the city center.

Though the ticket is quite cheap, you have to pay an extra fee for luggage There are more stops than a shuttle bus, however no English-speaking staff. The bus runs daily from 5:45 -18:00, each coming in 12-18 minutes. Meanwhile, Shuttle Bus is the yellow bus.

Every 20-30 minutes comes to a shuttle bus runs daily from 00:00 - 23:45. These buses drop the passenger off at hotels, and famous attractions and have no charger for luggage. Nevertheless, the space for luggage is limited and the drop-off points are fixed so you should check the distance to your wish destination as you will make your own way there.

Ho Chi Minh Airport Bus

Ho Chi Minh Airport Bus

Ho Chi Minh Airport Private Car

The private car might be the most convenient transportation to travel to the city center or other surrounding areas of Sai Gon International Airport such as Vung Tau, Phan Thiet. Depending on how big your group is, you can choose among 4, 7, or 16-seat cars and preferred pick-up time. After pre-booking the service, the drivers will wait for you at the arrival hall with a sign with your name for an easier track.

They will also help transfer all the luggage and drop it off at your wanted destinations. If you provide the flight number, they can keep track of your flight is delayed or canceled. It is highly recommended if you want to avoid the hassle of public transportation.

Contact Vietnam Airport Car for various vehicle options and luggage opacity, we promise to assist you professionally on your itinerary to Ho Chi Minh City or any surrounding areas.

Ho Chi Minh Airport Private Car

Ho Chi Minh Airport Private Car

Ho Chi Minh Airport to Mekong Delta

Regarding the lush jungle of Southern Vietnam, Mekong Delta is such a great destination that you should not skip when you leave Ho Chi Minh (Tan Son Nhat) Airport. Almost 200 km from  Ho Chi Minh airport, this delta attracts numerous tourists for its vast maze of rivers, rice paddies, hospitable people, and special cuisine.

Thanks to the development of modern transportation systems, transferring to Mekong Delta is easier now as you can travel by roadway or waterway. Depending on your preference and budget, you can choose the most suitable transportation type to start your Mekong Delta tours there from Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Food Floating Store on the Mekong River

Food Floating Store on the Mekong River

The fastest and most convenient way to transit from Tan Son Nhat International Airport is by plane. There are several domestic airports in Mekong which are Can Tho Airport, Phu Quoc Island, and Kien Giang province. A great thing about this transportation is that you can enjoy the marvelous panoramic view of the Mekong Delta from above.

After reaching one of the mentioned airports, you can book a cruise to start exploring the culture, nature, and unique lifestyle here. Traveling time by plane will reduce to 45 minutes but it will be the highest price option.

The bus must be the most economical option to get to Mekong Delta. This transport is quite popular and runs on a regular basis from Saigon Airport. The traveling time will be around 4 hours and you can book in advance to fit your arrival time.

However, you should prepare a backup plan in case your flight is delayed, pay attention to the and pick-up, drop-off points, and you can only bring little luggage as you will share the bus with many strangers.

In terms of both convenience and economy, a private car is the most chosen way to get to Mekong Delta. Less than 4 hours of transiting, you will be more proactive with your itinerary as it won’t take any extra time waiting and dealing price. This service guarantees you comfort and privacy, also luggage carrying assistance. Come and join Vietnam Airport Car to check out various options of seat location, service quality, and car model.

Though the distance is quite far, motorbikes suit young travelers who want to experience the journey in their own way. The same traveling time but the price is quite cheap, as long as you prepare a driver’s license you can easily hire a motorbike. The only things you should be concerned about are chaotic traffic and even traffic jams.

Above is a detailed guide about Ho Chi Minh Airport that we hope to make your travel easier and less worry. If you want to start your Vietnam tour by visiting other regions check out our information about Hanoi Airport and Danang Airport to have the best experience.