Hanoi Airport

Hanoi (Noi Bai) International Airport

Serving Vietnam’s capital, Noi Bai International airport, or Hanoi Aiport for its shortened name (airport code: HAN), is the largest transportation hub in the Northern region and the second busiest airport that welcome tourists flying to Vietnam (right behind Ho Chi Minh Airport).

Located in Soc Son District, Hanoi, It is about 35 km from Hanoi Aiport to the city center. Although Hanoi has 4 airports, Noi Bai Airport is the only international airport, the others serve military service or cease operations in recent years.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, also the center of politics, culture, and trading, Hanoi International Airport plays a significant role in transferring travelers in and out of the country and it can serve more than 90.000 passengers daily, more than 25 million passengers per year.

Over half a century since the first flight, Noi Bai Airport has been growing swiftly with modern technology and facilities.

Hanoi (Noi Bai) Airport Overview

Hanoi (Noi Bai) Airport

With a total area of more than 300,000 square meters, Noi Bai Airport Terminals feature both Noi Bai Domestic Airport and Noi Bai International Airport to serve flights to and from Hanoi Airport every day. Noi Bai Domestic Airport (T1) - completed in 2001 - serves over 15 million passengers on average per year.

The terminal is the main way for Hanoi people as well as nearby provinces to travel domestically. To meet the huge international travel demand, Noi Bai International Airport (T2) was established at the end of 2014 and operated parallelly with Terminal 1.

With the ability to serve more than 10 million passengers per year, it has become an essential section that welcomes all international arrivals to Hanoi or other regions in Vietnam.

There are 100 check-in counters and 3 kiosks for check-ins in the departure hall in Terminal 1 plus 4 check-in islands 96 check-in counters and 10 kiosk check-ins each in Terminal 2.

Up to now, the operating Airlines in Noi Bai Airport include 5 domestic and 22 international airlines: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Airlines, Jetstar,  AirAsia, Hong Kong Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Pacific Airlines, Thai Airways, Lao Airlines, Tiger Airways,...

On the way to improve the passengers’ experience, Hanoi Airport has developed multiple services for passengers to have the best experience when using the airport.

Medical and First Aid in Hanoi (Noi Bai) Airport

Noi Bai Airport equips 3 first aid rooms. For terminal 2, it is available in the arrival and departure hall, while in the arrival hall only in terminal 1. Professional doctors and nurses are always ready to be at your service in case of a medical requirement.

Lounge in Hanoi (Noi Bai) Airport

If you want a place to rest during your transit, you can access the lounges of Noi Bai Airport located at both terminals. Internet connection and computer access, along with TV and newspaper, magazine,... you can enjoy all the services while having some exquisite Asian cuisine dishes here. The lounges are open 24/7 and their locations are on the 3rd floor of Terminal 1 and the 4th floor of Terminal 2.

Lounge in Hanoi (Noi Bai) Airport

Lounge in Hanoi (Noi Bai) Airport

Restaurants and Cafes in Hanoi Airport

Eatery options have to be a must at every airport. There are varied food and beverage choices for passengers such as Vietnamese cuisine places, fast food, or even cafes. The various restaurants and cafes are spread across the first floor and third floors of both terminals.

Restaurants and Cafes in Hanoi Airport

Restaurants and Cafes in Hanoi Airport

Sleeping pods in Hanoi Airport

Have you ever been tired, or sleepy when waiting for the next flight, especially when your flight is delayed all of sudden? The sleeping pod service was designed by Noi Bai Aiport to solve this issue.

Easily to see on floor 3 of T1, each sleeping pod has an area of 4 square meters with a minimal design but includes all the things you need for a good rest: a small bed, blankets, water, clothes hanger, AC,... not to mention an alarm for you not to miss any flight!

With an affordable price, this service has become more and more popular and satisfied passengers who are tired of waiting. Get your trip off to a great start with a short stay in this property.

If you wish for longer transit stays with high comfort, you can check out hotels situated around Hanoi Airport. They are usually 500 m to 2 km away from the air station and the accommodations go with services such as a restaurant & bar, and a free parking spot.

Vietnam Airport Car provides rides to nearby accommodations from Noi Bai Airport at a very competitive price and easy booking.

Sleeping pods in Hanoi Airport

Sleeping pods in Hanoi Airport

Other services at Hanoi (Noi Bai) Airport

Noi Bai Airport also serves other savior and necessary facilities such as WI-FI, ATM and currency exchange, SIM cards, and telecommunication,... If you want any assistance or guidance with any of those services, the information desks are in the public hall on the third and first floors (T2) and the first floor (T1). For flight schedules, baggage claims, or any other need, this section brings you 24/7 support to ensure the most convenient flights.

Hanoi Airport to the Old Quarter

One of the most famous attractions in Hanoi, the Old Quarter is a great choice to begin your journey in this bustling yet ancient city. Famous for its classical architecture and reputable cuisine, you may want to choose a suitable transport for Hanoi sightseeing or join Hanoi Food Tour. So how can you move from Hanoi Airport to the Old Quarter? Follow our guide for the most convenient routes.

Usually, you will travel to Hanoi’s inlying area by moving toward Nhat Tan bridge. After crossing this bridge, you must travel along the West Lake to the Southeast and the Old Quarter is situated right next to Hoan Kiem Lake. As the center has a big traffic flow, it can be overloaded in rush hours so make sure you are well-prepared to enjoy every part of your itinerary.

Regarding transport, the public bus is the most economical way to travel from Hanoi Airport to the city center for a cheap price and reliable service. Bus no.86 is what you need to look for - a brand new and modern bus that helps you reduce time and travel costs from Noi Bai Airport.

Hanoi Airport to the Old Quarter

Hanoi Airport to the Old Quarter

The bus route is designed to reach common destinations sprinkled around Hanoi, and the space is clean and well-furnished. However, it is only recommended if you travel alone with little luggage, as the buses don’t have luggage storage.

Apart from that, you can choose a private car service for a more private and tranquil way to get to the wanted destinations. To transit by private car, you only need to pre-book and the driver will pick you up in the arrivals halls. This transporting form is recommended for its reliability, predicted price, and time savings. Vietnam Airport Car offers private cars with professional services and devoted drivers, ensuring you a pleasant trip to the famous Old Quater.

Another choice for you is a taxi or Grab bike. The first moment you walk out the entrance door of the airport, a bunch of taxi brands will wait outside and some even approach you to offer a drive.

Therefore, to avoid long fare negotiation or wrong drop-off points, you should look for trusted taxi brands (Noi bai Taxi, Mai Linh Taxi, Taxi Group,...).

If you have an internet-connected phone in hand, you may want to catch a Grab bike. Many apps offer this kind of transport and you can always catch a Grab driver around Hanoi Airport.

However, we don’t recommend this if it is in rush hours or bad weather.

Hanoi Airport Taxi

Among the kinds of transportation that Noi Bai Airport offers, taxi is a dominant means ranging to 14 brands. These taxi brands are permitted to park in front of the arrival hall for picking up passengers so that you won’t waste too much time finding a taxi. With Hanoi airport taxi, you can totally relax in the taxi without too much noise, but language barriers might make the price unclear as drivers usually don’t speak English.

The huge options of taxi brands might be another problem so make sure you pick a trusted taxi.

Hanoi Airport Bus

If you travel alone or have little luggage, you can use a bus to transit between Noi Bai Airport and Hanoi Center. Buses number 07, 17, 86 and 90 are shuttle buses whose routes include Noi Bai Airport. For bus no. 86, the bus station is near the arrivals hall of Terminal 2 so passengers can catch this bus quickly and conveniently after landing while the other buses’ are quite far from the arrivals hall (250 meters).

Each bus has different stations so make sure you ask the staff in advance or make some quick research on the internet before choosing the bus. Since the price is cheap, most buses are crowded so be careful not to forget your luggage and download translating apps as most drivers don’t speak English.

Hanoi Airport Bus

Hanoi Airport Bus

Hanoi Airport Private Car

If you are a passenger preferring a private space and don’t want to wait too long for a taxi, a private car is the best choice for you to travel safely and quickly. No queuing, no waiting, and no unknown costs, the driver will even hold signs with your names outside the baggage claim in the arrivals halls. As for those advantages, many tourists choose this transportation after a long flight to get some rest while transiting to the next locations.

You can easily search for private car services on the internet and pre-book a car for your transit. Contact Vietnam Airport Car for reliable and competitive private car services.

We are offering diverse options depending on how big your group is and your preferred pick-up time, all with professional and devoted service.

Hanoi Airport Private Car

Hanoi Airport Private Car

Hanoi Airport to Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a fascinating destination that many passengers first think of on their journey in Vietnam, especially in the Northern region. With the distance of about 170 km from Noi Bai International Airport, it takes around 2.5 - 3 hours of driving to this beautiful bay.

There are 2 available routes: via National Road 5B (170 km), 2.5 hours but you need to pay toll fees or via National Road 18 (150km), no toll fee but the driving time will be about 3 hours.

A fast and economical way to take this trip is by traveling by bus. The seats are usually comfortable, and the good audio system is equipped, but you may need to find ways to communicate with the drivers as the staff bearly speak English. As you share the bus with many other people, you should be careful about some problems like late pickup, noise, carsick or even losing luggage.

Using a taxi to travel to Halong Bay is convenient transportation. As we mentioned, Hanoi Airport has a range of taxi brands waiting for you out of the entrance. You can pick up a taxi and show them the address you want to arrive.

The traveling time by taxi is about 2.5 hours and the same route as the bus. Some features of this service are private and convenient. However, there are some warnings for you about the unknown costs and language barriers.

If you travel in a group of more than 3 people, a private car is most recommended for privacy and comfort. You can have a flexible schedule by pre-booking a private to pick you up at the airport and drop you at your chosen destination in Halong Bay.

Hanoi Airport to Halong Bay

Hanoi Airport to Halong Bay

The traveling time is the same as that of the taxi, but you won’t have to look around to find a random car, and also save time and patience. With a bit higher price than a taxi, you can experience excellent quality with high safety standards.

Contact Hanoi Airport Car for private car service, we provide different car types, number of seats, and also traveling routes.

Seaplane is a luxury transportation that will give you spectacular aerial views when moving to Halong Bay. The traveling travel also shorten from 2.5 hours to 45 minutes compared to bus or car. A seaplane may have a capacity of 12 passengers with 7 kg of luggage each. The only minus point is that there are few seaplane providers to choose from and the price is much higher depending on the season or the time of the day.

Apart from Ha Long, there are many destinations in Northern Vietnam that can be traveled from Hanoi Airport such as Sapa and Ha Giang,...

Above is our complete guide about Noi Bai International Airport and how to travel to famous destinations from the airport. Save the article as it will help you start an amazing adventure without confusion or worry!

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