Hoian Overview

Located only 30km from Danang City, Hoian is a tranquil and elegant old town that has been praised as the “Venice of Vietnam”. Even proved its charm after being recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Hoian draws flocks of travelers who enjoy living slowly in the ancient alleys of this old quarter. Join in fascinating tours to discover why Hoian Viet Nam is such a famous place.

Thu Bon River Overview

Thu Bon River Overview

Looking through a historical lens, Hoian was once a busy international harbor also the major trading center on the bank of Thu Bon River. The merchant ships were mainly from Japan, China, and the West, which together affected a lot on the culture and architecture of Hoian. As a result, this town becomes an interesting blend of diverse cultures - which eventually turns into its unique beauty.

It is easy to reach Hoian whichever transportation you choose, but a route from Danang Airport or Danang’s city center is the most common. To transit in a comfortable and private car, check out private car services from Vietnam Airport Car to enjoy a Hoian City Tour in the most fascinating way.

What To Do And What To See In Hoian?

Like an old but gorgeous painting, Hoian is separated from any other city in Vietnam with long yellow houses and a gentle river. Wandering around the roads in Hoian, you will be immersed in the architecture, food and tailor, gallery...

Hoian Street

Hoian Street

Here in Hoian, still remain many old buildings, temples, and house shops the traces of an international commercial port. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese design when visiting the outstanding attractions of Hoian like Hoi An Ancient Town, Hoi An Riverside, Japanese Covered Bridge, Thu Bon River, Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An Museum of History & Culture,  Fujian Assembly Hall, Hoi An Museum of Trade Ceramics and Chuc Thanh Pagoda.

Hoian may seem to be modest in size, but tourists can experience all kinds of activities in this ancient quarter. Wandering around the streets, you will realize the density of many house shops decorated with colorful lanterns in various shapes.

Bearing its very unique mark, Hoian manages to conserve tailor houses or galleries that create a nostalgic vibe to the narrow alleyways.

The scenery is even more brilliant when the sun is down and all the house light up their lanterns - it feels like being lost in wonderland. For religious tourists, sacred temples and pagodas like Chuc Thanh Pagoda, Ong pagoda and Japanese Covered Bridge might be a great choice to visit, as you can both worship for best wishes and admire the unique Chinese-Japanse design of these constructions.

Lanterns in Hoian

Lanterns in Hoian

Besides walking along Hoi An Old Town to sightsee the attractions, you might enjoy a Hoian day tour by cyclo or a cruise in Thu Bon River to slowly enjoy the elegance and charm of Hoian, all with knowledgeable tour guides but each transport brings a distinct feeling.

One thing you should not miss when coming to Hoian is the show Hoian Memories (Ky Uc Hoi An). With a vibe that can be associated with the Olympic Games opening ceremony, the Hoian Memories show brings you to the 400-year journey of the town’s growth. Over 500 professional dancers and actors perform on an artificial island on Thu Bon river, leading you through the art, and cultural identity,... visit Hoian and enjoy the show with all your senses!

If your stay in this town is on the 15th day of the lunar month, you will have a chance to witness the lantern festival of local people. Seeing all the sparkling lanterns floating on the water can be an extraordinary experience.

Before leaving Hoian for a new journey such as transiting to Danang or other regions in Vietnam, you can drop by some souvenir stores in Hoi An Old Town. Don’t worry if you are clueless about which to buy, the sellers in Hoian will give you devoted advice and maybe some fun back storied about the goods. You can even get an outfit sewn handly by skillful and experienced tailors.

What to eat and drink in Hoian?

The interesting blend of cultures is not only contained in Hoian’s architecture, but also in its culinary culture. With the influence of Chinese, French, and Japanese characteristics, Hoian adds to the original Central Vietnamese food an appealing highlight.

Mi Quang (Quang Nam noodles)

Mi Quang (Quang Nam noodles)

Famous dishes in Hoian that you should not miss are Cao Lau (Rice noodles with grilled pork), Mi Quang (Quang Nam noodles), Banh My Phuong (Vietnamese Baguette with roasted porks and other toppings), Com Ga (Chicken Rice),... Tourists might see the same ingredients of these specialties in some other places, but the individual nuances created by the creativity of Hoian locals will make these culinary experiences unforgettable.

The essence of Hoian cuisine is also contributed by the rustic dishes such as Banh Beo, Banh Bao & Banh Vac, mixed mussels,... simple but incredibly delicious. So many tasty dishes are waiting for you, so it is a great option to join a Hoian street food tour when you go to this beautiful town.

Hoian Chicken Rice

Hoian Chicken Rice

Besides the amazing food, Hoian can treat you to bunches of bars and coffee shops. Don’t forget to try Hoian Nuoc Mot - a herbal drink that can be found nowhere else. Some tourists come back for this unique drink, but others say it is quite hard to drink, so you must try it to know!

When to visit Hoian?

You must wonder which time of the year is the most suitable to admire the picturesque charming ancient town of Hoian. Since it is a tropical region, the best time to visit Hoian is from February to April when the weather is cool, humid, and especially less rainy, the stunning flowers also make it the most tourist-friendly time of the year. October to November is the rainy season so you should be careful with floods.

The months from June to August might not be an ideal choice as the summer here usually has scorching heat and sunny weather. However, you can still travel at this time as the tourist flocks are less dense, and the gorgeous blue skies would be worth it all.

Suit made in Hoian

The suit was made in Hoian

The Tours from Hoian

Bay Mau coconut forest

Besides the charm of the tranquil and ancient Hoian Old Town, Hoian also has a large area growing water coconut (nipa). Among them, the Bay Mau coconut forest is the most tourist attraction. Transiting only 5 km from Hoian, you can visit here and get on a basket boat to visit the water coconut forest.

The boat might look precarious but you should believe in the skilled sculler. They even do the famous basket boat shaking performance on request! On a day tour in the Bay Mau coconut forest, common activities are crab fishing, smashing clay pots, tug of war, balancing on a bamboo bridge, and many other activities.

Bay Mau coconut forest

Bay Mau coconut forest

Danang Tour from Hoian

Only 30 km away, the coastal city of Danang is one of the must-come vicinities when you spend time in Hoian, Quang Nam. Danang features a unique terrain with beautiful beaches and slopping hills stretching to the sea, which leads to fantastic attractions like My Khe Beach, Ba Na Hills, and Ngu Hanh Son,...

Another reason for tourists to spend a Danang Day Tour from Hoian is that the locals here are extremely friendly, also the laid-back lifestyle contributes to one of the most worth-living cities in the world.

My Son Sanctuary Day Tour

Located 40 km from Hoian, My Son Sanctuary was once the intellectual and religious center and may have also served as a burial place for Cham monarchs between the 4th and the 12th centuries. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the sanctuary contains precious traces of the past of the ancient Kingdom of Champa.

If you want to admire this cultural and historical site in the most fulfilling way, experience a boat trip & Inspiring Apsara dance show, then a walking tour to visit Cham ancient ruins. The gorgeous sunset on a boat with a view of old Cham temples is also a must-try.

My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary

Hue Tour from Hoian

Capture all the highlighted attractions on the way from Hoian to Hue instead of spending the whole day on a bus or train. You will have a chance to take photo stops along the way at China Beach, Lang Co Beach, Hai Van Pass, and Cau Hai Lagoon.

Tours also include a short visit to Cham Museum, Linh Ung Pagoda with views of the Marble Mountains, and many more activities, before reaching the ancient capital city that once was the home of many Vietnamese dynasties.

Enjoy the remarkable scenery and unmissisarable attractions of Perfume River, Thien Mu Pagoda, the Imperial Forbidden Citadel,...

Cham Island Day Tour

A day tour to Cham Island departing from Hoian is a great choice for those who are into eco-tourism and UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve - well, who wouldn’t? This ecological marvel of Central Vietnam is 15 km from Hoian, featuring primitive landscapes with flora and fauna and many authentic activities.

The day tours in Cham Island highlight snorkeling, hiking, and even sunbathing on the waterfront. Don’t forget that you can also savor included lunch with local dishes. Refuel yourself and then visit Cu Lao Cham Museum, local villages on Hon Lao Island,...

Cham Island

Cham Island

Apart from the vicinity day tours, you can transit from Hoian to other exciting tours such as Ho Chi Minh City Tours, Hanoi Day Tours, and Mekong Delta tours,... One way to have a fulfilling journey is to check out private rides from Vietnam Airport Car, promising to help you have the most comfortable tours.

Hope this Hoian tourism guide can assist you with useful information before you set off to this unique ancient town. If you have any requests about booking or any further questions about Hoian tourism, please feel free to contact us.